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Call for Papers Research Topic: Green 6G with Integrated Communications, Sensing and Computing

About this Research Topic
The technical advances in the sixth generation (6G) technology with dense network of antennas and transceiver base stations in order to fulfil benefits of higher data rate and lower latency than existing wireless standards simultaneously require energy saving solutions. It is expected that two-thirds of global population will have internet access with considerable increase in mobile data traffic leading to the congestion of sub 6 GHz frequency spectrum. Such densely populated mobile systems and networks can have adverse effects on the environment in terms of high energy consumption and emissions. It raises the need to accommodate highly advanced yet sustainable 6G technology using energy efficient designs while keeping good spectral performance with massive antenna setups.

Spectrum and hardware reuse of the systems and networks for different applications is one of the most prominent solutions in order to achieve “Green 6G” technology. A particular example of such an approach is integration of radar sensing and communications which unlike radar-communication coexistence systems provides sharing of hardware platform and spectral resources without extensive co-ordination required between these two system operations. Recent solutions have been developed on achieving dual functional joint radar-communication systems for high communication spectral efficiency with good radar target detection performance. However, research driven on energy efficient designs of these integrated joint radar-communication systems is scarce. The work on integration of communication and computing has also received wide attention recently with solutions acquiring mobile edge computing, cloud computing for cell-free wireless, distributed computing for satellite systems and networks, internet-of-things (IoT) and internet-of-everything (IoE). Energy efficient infrastructure for integrated communication and computing can be also widely explored for futuristic Green 6G technology. Furthermore, integration of communication, sensing and computing (I-CSC) functionalities altogether is revolutionary and exhibits a wide spectrum of research and innovation potential. Focusing on green and sustainable solutions for multidimensional applications enhances the benefits of I-CSC many-fold. This leads to a wide-scale acceptance of the cross-cutting 6G standards for future wireless, defence, aerial, space and computing applications.

This Research Topic aims to publish contributions from academic researchers and industry practitioners on the integration of communication, sensing and computing functionalities as a subset or altogether having wide-scale applications and with a particular focus on the Green 6G technology.

We solicit high-quality original research papers on topics including, but not limited to:

- Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) for Green I-CSC
- Resource allocation and management, wireless powered IoT networks for Green I-CSC
- Multi access edge computing, distributed computing and cloud networks for Green I-CSC
- LEO satellite, satellite systems and networks with Green I-CSC
- Target localization, low probability of intercept, low complexity waveforms with Green I-CSC
- MIMO-rate splitting multiple access, MIMO-NOMA, MIMO-SDMA with Green I-CSC
- Beamforming, RF optimization, low resolution DAC and ADC sampling for Green I-CSC
- Energy efficient UAVs, UAV-assisted wireless, IoT, IoE, vehicle to everything (V2X) for I-CSC
- Millimeter wave, terahertz channel modelling incorporated with Green I-CSC functionalities
- Channel estimation, imperfect CSI and channel signaling incorporated with Green I-CSC
- Ultra-reliable low latency communications, eMBB, mMTC with Green I-CSC functionalities
- Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning networks with Green I-CSC
- Physical layer security and interference exploration incorporated with Green I-CSC
- Telecommunication network management and transmission protocols with Green I-CSC

Keywords: Green communications, spectrum sharing, edge computing, resource allocation, MIMO, machine learning, multiple access
Period22 Jun 2022
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