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The next generation of communications networks such as Internet of Things, cellular networks and vehicular ad hoc networks, are considered as complex systems due to the ever-increasing number of technologies and connected devices. Large scale deployment of these complex systems requires enabling 5G and beyond technologies to facilitate autonomous operations by providing superior communication services and hyper-connectivity for urban and rural applications equally.

In this Special Issue, we are particularly interested in 5G and beyond enabled technologies for large scale complex IoT networks and emerging vertical networks such as transportation, health, smart grid, and smart city, connecting the unconnected systems, supporting the centralized or distributed intelligent decision making in these complex systems, defining new applications and solutions with an IoT prototype and benchmarking the performance with reference to system and consumer requirements.

At the time of organisation of this special issue, the countries around the world have been affected by Covid-19 pandemic. Role of wireless communication technologies has become more important than ever before to respond to the pandemic and facilitate the economies, businesses and citizens. We welcome contributions on 5G technologies and their use case, applications and services to fight with pandemic situation.

AI- enabled IoT systems and applications
Intelligent decision-making theories for IoT systems
Machine learning for IoT systems
Big data enabled IoT systems and applications
UAV-assisted large-scale IoT systems, e.g., Airborne sensing
Backhaul and access networks technologies for large scale IoT systems
Routing and scheduling methods and techniques for IoT systems
Edge and fog computing for IoT systems
Resource optimization for IoT systems
Real time use case and prototyping
Performance analysis for energy efficiency, latency and quality of experience
5G technologies and their use case, applications and services to fight with pandemic situation
Period1 Apr 2020
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