Does loss of Biodiversity by businesses cause Covid- 19

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Biodiversity is the infrastructure that supports all life. The immense pressure plastics are having on the oceans, along with the disappearance of rainforests, and land clearing for agricultural purposes, have all contributed to biodiversity loss and species extinction. All these issues have resulted in many years of human overexploitation of our planet and are recognised to be causing the sixth extinction period the planet is currently experiencing. Humans disrupt ecosystem when cutting the trees, killing animals or caging them and send them to human consumption. As a result, viruses have lost their hosts and looking for new hosts that ultimately transfer to human beings (Quammen, 2020). As a result, it is humanity destruction of biodiversity that creates the conditions for new viruses and diseases such as Covid-19.

Companies from the pandemic of Covid 19 must recognise nature and ecosystems are of intrinsic value and is either directly or indirectly and linked to corporate activity (Hassan et al., 2020). Businesses should also report to inform stakeholders how they protect the environment including biodiversity and extinction of animals. Organisations must now urgently act to prevent further biodiversity and Extinction loss before it is too late. The planet's future is in our hands, yet our hands have not helped. We are all stewards of the planet and accountants must take the lead in saving the planet immediately. Promoting biodiversity is critical to business survival as companies have a two-way relationship with biodiversity, including both the impact of companies on biodiversity, and the impact of biodiversity on companies.

The risk of transmitting diseases
Period22 Apr 2020
Held atPourtsmouth University