• Veronica Scuotto (Speaker)

Activity: OtherTypes of External academic engagement - Invited talk


The workshop titled as “CREATIVITY + INNOVATION + PROBLEM SOLVING” aims to develop confident, enterprising and creative graduates who will be able to cope with the ever changing business environment, recognise opportunities and to take responsibility and measured risks. This will stimulate enterprise and encourage you as individuals to consider self-employment and just as importantly, to develop yourself as an enterprising employee who can contribute to the success of the organisation in which you may work in tourism industry.
This is a practical workshop designed to give you a unique and exciting opportunity to apply your underpinning business knowledge and skills. The practical application enables you to reflect upon your personal development through the experience of the start-up phase of a micro business venture. A case study from the tourism industry will be analysed against the nine blocks of the business model canvas. Especially a challenge will be presented and students will be encouraged to come up with a solution.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module you should have achieved the following Learning Outcomes (LO):-
LO1. Demonstrating how the principles of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship convert into new processes, products or services
LO2. Demonstrating your awareness of the requirement to understand the needs, wants and behaviour of the various types of potential customers in the marketplace.
LO3. Analyse the case study and come up with an innovative solution.

Period11 Apr 201612 Apr 2016


  • SMEs
  • business model canvas
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • entrepreneurial thinking