• John Butcher (Host)

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The activity theme was forensic microbiology. When pupils arrived they were informed that the planned class was not be possible due to the lecturer having fallen ill. They weree shown “CCTV” footage of the lecturer making her way onto campus, beginning to feel ill and vomiting, before desperately continuing towards the toilet. The pupils noticed the diseased victim touching handrails / doors / walls throughout. After a brief, basic and informative introduction to forensic microbiology the pupils were divided into groups and, under supervision, sent out to swab areas they think may be contaminated by the victim’s disease causing organism. Pupils returned to the lab and plated out their swabs on two plates – one plate spread in a conventional manner, the other in a design of their choosing. Pupils were encouraged to come to a conclusion as to which microbes may grow on the plates. Images of their custom designed spread plates were captured and emailed to the school.
Period24 May 201625 May 2016
Event titleBiohazard - School Engagement
Event typeWorkshop
LocationPaisley, United KingdomShow on map


  • Microbiology
  • Public Engagement
  • Outreach