I am a Lecturer in Computer Science at the School of Engineering and Computing in the University of the West Scotland (UWS), Paisley, Scotland.

Before joining the University I spent fifteen years in industry where my projects included office automation, accounting and production systems as well as distributed industrial control and diagnostic systems. My work on the latter earned me two SMART awards from the UK Governement. In addition I also received a Thistle Award for Information Technology Initiative in 2001.

I spent several years with the SFEU (later Scotland's Colleges) where I was the Subject Mentor for Computer Science responsible for the advancement of the topic both within Scotland's college sector and more generally with partnerships with industrial and private sector organisations.

While with the organisation I instigated and ran Scotland's Colleges Annual Computing Conference an exciting, forward-thinking event for Computing and IT practitioners.  The event had the support of leading agencies including HMIe, SQA and employer representatives.  

It also had the support of leading vendors, who exhibited and presented on current technologies that could support the delivery of a modern Computing and IT curriculum.  This was also a chance to network, share practice, and address the issues that concerned everyone involved with delivering Computing and IT in Scotland's colleges. 

I also consult with the SQA where I have been involved with course development, validation and quality assurance. I wasl also involved with creating the SQA Internet Safety course, the world's first e-only course.

I also won several contracts from the SQA to develop e-learning materials.


Current research activities.

My current research is into innovative teaching methods with particular reference to the use of online facilities and my most recent presentation was to the Computing Education Practice conference on the gamification of assessment.

Target Collaborative Companies (National, International, up to 3).

Target Collaborative Companies

To complement my research and experience I am looking to collaborate with companies in the following fields. 

  • Education research
  • Education technologies
  • Elearning and collaborative technologies
  • Industrial control
  • Public sector transformation 

Target Collaborative Organisations would include

  • Public sector organisations
  • Educational organisations
  • Local councils
  • Industrial control companies

Other areas of Expertise available for knowledge exchange.

Other areas of Expertise available for knowledge exchange.

  • Teaching and learning approaches including elearning
  • Commercialisation and development
  • Industrial control systems
  • Business transformation
  • Public sector organisation and transformation

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