Research areas

  • TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering - Wireless Systems, 5G mobile networks, Green Networks, UAVs/Drones for communications, Cognitive Radios, Communication theory, Network flying platforms (NFPs), Heterogeneous small cell networks


I am a Lecturer in Networks in the School of Engineering and Computing at University of the West Scotland (UWS), Paisley, Scotland where I am a member of Artificial Intelligence, Visual Communications and Network (AVCN) research group.  Before joining UWS in Fall 2016, I have worked as a Senior Researcher in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University, Canada where I served as a project manager for Carleton-Industry collaborative R&D projects and led the Teams of graduate and undergraduate researchers working on Drones-enabled communications for 5G networks. During my stay at Carleton University, most of my research has been sponsored by local industry partners and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). In this role, I have also served as a Consultant for R&D at Communications Theory Lab, KAUST where I was responsible for providing his expertise for the development of FSO based sustainable fronthaul network for 5G communications. Previously, from July 2012 to July 2015, I worked as an Assistant Research Scientist at Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ), Qatar where I was a Co-Lead PI of 1M $ project awarded by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) on heterogeneous networks. Prior to joining, TAMUQ in July 2012, I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia where I received a collaborative research award from the KAUST Global Collaborative Research initiative for research project on cognitive radio enabled heterogeneous networks with University of Surrey. From September 2010 to December 2010, I was a Visiting Researcher at Institute for Communication Systems (ICS), University of Surrey, UK.


My main research interests lie in design and development of heterogeneous networks for urban and rural coverage via unconventional aerial and regular architectures.  I am also interested in developing unified integrated user centric frameworks for emerging 5G technologies Caching, D2D, MTC, IoT and SDR. I have diversified experience in evaluation of wireless systems from the perspective of energy efficiency, Carbon footprint, area spectral efficiency and area green efficiency. I have been also directly engaged in the development and standardization of IEEE DySPAN 1900.7 standard project. I have a track record of more than 75 technical journal and conference publications including many in the world’s most reputable journals in the areas of wireless communications, communication theory and green communications networks. I have also contributed to 7 books. I am co-editor of two edited books and co-author of an authored book on Green Heterogeneous Wireless Networks published by Wiley John & Sons and endorsed by IEEE Press. For more details on my research activities, visit my Google Scholar and Research Gate profiles. Pre-prints of my recent research publications are avaiable at arXiv


I have been/am giving tutorials on emerging wireless communication systems at IEEE flagship conferences such as IEEE ICC 2016, Kuala Lumpur, IEEE ICUWB 2015, Montreal, IEEE GLOBECOM 2014/2015, Austin/San Diego, IEEE BlackSeaSom 2015, Constanta, Romania and IEEE ICC 2014, Sydney. I have been/am also serving as a Chair/Co-Chair of several workshops/special sessions such as GRASNET 2016, GreenICT 2015 and ReAP 2015 in IEEE flagship conferences, such as ICC, VTC and GlobalSIP. I have been also serving on the technical program committee of different IEEE conferences, including Globecom, ICC, and WCNC. I am the founding organizer and technical Chair of IEEE Workshop Next Generation Backhaul/Fronthaul Networks - BackNets, collocated annually with IEEE ICC since 2015. BackNets has now been considered as a successful consortium of key academic and industrial players to bridge the R&D gaps in in this area. I am an Associate Technical Editor of IEEE Communications Magazine and have served as a lead Guest Editor/Guest Editor for IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Wireless Communications and IEEE Access. I am serving as a Chair of IEEE ComSoc emerging technical committee on backhaul/fronthaul communications and networking. I have been serving as an active member to several IEEE ComSoc technical committees. From January 2012 to January 2016, I served as an elected Secretary to the IEEE DySPAN 1900.7 working group.  I am a Senior Member of IEEE, an active member of IEEE ComSoc and IEEE Standard Association.

Area of research expertise - Outline

  • Next generation of wireless networks -  5G and beyond: Design, development and deployment of Networked flying platform (NFP) enabled wireless networks, heterogeneous small cell networks, millimeter-wave/Free Space Optical technology, cross-layer optimization. 


  • Wireless communications for emerging verticals: High data rate, low latent and reliable NFP-enabled wireless communications for extended/emergency coverage & monitoring and new applications, Smart City concepts, smart grid and connected healthcare networks. 


  • Device/service centric communication technologies/frameworks for 5G networks: Split frameworks, Caching, D2D, content delivery/availability frameworks, traffic offloading, Handovers, and social networks.


  • Green 5G HetNets: Power control, energy efficiency and management, Green terminals, multicasting/homing, carbon footprint and water footprint of telecom networks and data centers.

Current research activities.

Currently, I am establishing a lab on emerging verticals for wireless communication technologies @UWS. The main objectives of the lab are to show how the Networked flying platforms (NFPs) such as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), drones and unmanned balloons   can be used/integrated with 5G-communication technology in several diverse areas to suit the global information and communications technology needs and solve the ubiquitous connectivity problems in several industrial sectors (e.g., transportations, health sciences, agriculture, smart grid, etc.).

In addition, I am investigating following ideas and preparing several research/enterprise proposals with my research team and in collaboration with academic and industrial partners. 

  • Free Space Optical (FSO) based vertical fronthaul for 5G+ network. In this idea, we are integrating NFPs to backhaul the small cell traffic over high speed like fibre-in-the-air FSO links. Our focus is on the unique set of the problems with in this framework such as NFP-small cell associations, networks optimisation and wireless backhaul at NFP. Potential application of this framework includes smart city, urban cellular infrastructure planning, etc. More information about our idea and its detailed feasibility study can be seen here  
  • Placement/positioning and vertical wireless channel modelling for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)/Drones. In this domain, we are intending to carry "fly-drive" testing for vertical wireless channel over licensed or unlicensed bands and optimize NFP placement/positioning and tracking problems. Potential applications of this idea includes but not limited to healthcare, agriculture, smart city and transportation. Watch our proposed idea for Precision in Agriculture here. More details will be posted soon.
  • Device to device communications. In this idea, we are investigating the homophilic relationship of mobile users/devices to establish the communication between the mobile devices based on their closed distances and social behaviour. Applications of such mathematical model includes public safety, social networking, green networks, etc. See details here 
  • UHEALTH: Engaging "U" for better healthcare. This is an enterprise idea where we are developing smart unified technology driven healthcare system for health-on-demand (HOD). More details will be up soon. 


Since recently, I have been working with several industrial and academic partners such as:  

Industrial partners:

  • UK/EU: T4i Engineering, BT, NATS, Picsel Technologies Ltd, NEC Germany, 
  • International: Yellow Tin, USA, Huawei, Canada, TELUS, Canada, SIRADEL, Canada/France and Intel, USA.

Academic partners:

  • UK/EU: University of Glasgow, University of York, University of Surrey, University of LeedsTrinity College Dublin, Ireland. 
  • International: KAUST, Saudi Arabia, Carleton University, Canada and Texas A&M University, Qatar. 

Most of my joint research and development projects have been funded by national and international funding bodies such as NSERC (National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada), QNRF (Qatar National Research Fund), and KAUST GCR (Global Research Initiative). 



Target Collaborative Companies (National, International, up to 3).

I would like to collaborate with national and international companies with in following domain (but not limited):

  • Information communication and technology 
  • Cellular and mobile operators and vendors
  • Device/sensor manufacturers
  • Smart city (transportation, buildings, healthcare)


Target Collaborative Organisations (National, International, up to 3).

I would like to collaborate and build prolific ties with the following types of national and international organization: 

  • Ministries and Govt. bodies 
  • Local Councils and social welfare bodies 
  • National/international research labs/centrer
  • Standardization and development organizations

Desired research direction.

Prototype and real time implementation of UAV/Drone based wireless links for emerging applications including but not limited to smart city, disaster communications, smart transportation, Cattle farming and agriculture. 



Other areas of Expertise available for knowledge exchange.

  • Smartphone Application development 
  • Teaching and learning approaches 
  • Commercialisation and development

Research output

  1. Performance evaluation of FSO availability under different weather conditions

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

  2. Association of Networked Flying Platforms with Small Cells for Network Centric 5G+ C-RAN

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution

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