Area of research expertise - Outline

Quantitative and qualitative research methods, with a focus on drug use, drug policy, and hidden and marginalised populations.

Current research activities.

Post doctoral research on hidden populations; research ongoing on service user involvement in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast, using qualitative methods in collaboration with service users networks in all 3 cities.

Writing Book on subject of researching, understanding, and giving a voice to hidden and marginalised populations of users of illegal and illicit drugs.

Desired research direction.

I have completed a virtual centre of excellence, the centre for hidden and marginalised populations, and this is a hub from which myself, external academic colleagues, and PhD students can disseminate research findings and papers in process of publication.             

Target Collaborative Organisations (National, International, up to 3).

I am currently in talks with the RSA to fund research on hidden and marginalised communities in the context of social justice. 


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