Research areas

  • RT Nursing - Dementia, Gerontology

Area of research expertise - Outline

Professor Debbie Tolson joined University of the West of Scotland as the inaugural Director of the Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice in January 2013. In addition to Centre Directorship she is the Assistant Dean Research and Enterprise within the School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery.   She is a nurse leader with an international reputation for advancing evidence informed dementia care and gerontological practice. 

In 2010 her contribution to research with older people was recognised by St Louis University (USA) Medical School through the award of the Jim Flood Memorial Alzheimer Disease Distinguished Lectureship. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing UK, and an Honorary Fellow of the Queen's Nursing Institute: Scotland. She was the recipient of the Sigma Theta Tau International, 2007 award for the Best of Worldviews on Evidence Based Nursing. Her research outputs include over 100 peer reviewed research papers, national care guidance for nurses and patients, edited books and book chapters, radio broadcasts, creative performance and popular press. She has secured research funding in excess of £5million   from a range of sources, including Research Council, Chief Scientist Office, EU, industry, UK and charitable organisations.

Current research activities.

Current research studies focussed on living the best life possible with dementia.  Ranging from studies of the experience of people with early onset dementia who receive their diagnosis when employed, delirium management in acute hospitals, to studies with older people who have advanced to severe dementia. Education studies focus on equipping the qualified dementia workforce with the skills they need to champion reform and best practice where they work.  All studies are applied and seek to inform both practice and policy for example our European Project - Dementia Palliare. 

Desired research direction.

Our priority within the Alzheimer Scotland Centre for Policy and Practice at UWS is to undertake studies that inform and support family caring and integrated evidence informed dementia practice. In particular I am interested in experience based research and the development of innovations to support individuals and family to live the best life possible with advanced and severe dementia. 

Target Collaborative Companies (National, International, up to 3).

We would like to work with family carers, individuals, care home providers, day care providers and technology based companies interested in dementia.  With first responders including fire, police and ambulance services and practitioners from criminal justice and prison services where an increasing number of people with cognitive impairments including people with dementia are finding themselves. 

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