I am Professor of Applied Social Science and Assistant Dean (Research and Enterprise) in the School of Media, Culture and Society at the University of the West of Scotland.

I studied Social Science, specialising in Social Theory, at Paisley College of Technology, and was later sponsored by the Scottish Special Housing Association/Scottish Homes to study for the Postgraduate Diploma in Housing Administration at the University of Stirling. I returned to the University of Paisley in 1993 to undertake a PhD in Political Sociology, which I completed in 1997 – and published as Language, Ideology and Social Consciousness: Developing a Sociohistorical Approach (Ashgate, 1999).

I have worked at the Paisley Campus of UWS since 1996, and am now a highly experienced applied social science academic and researcher, with a sustained track record of teaching excellence and collaborative and interdisciplinary research on key social and economic issues. I have extensive experience of working ‘beyond academia’ with a wide range of organisations across sectors and at different scales.

In 2011-12 I was co-creator of the pioneering UWS-Oxfam Partnership ‘for a more equitable and sustainable Scotland’, which I continue to lead on behalf of UWS. Recent collaborative research has focused, inter alia, on the public policy causes of the phenomenon of ‘excess mortality’ in contemporary Scotland and Glasgow, and has made a substantial contribution to the progress from description to explanation of that phenomenon.

Area of research expertise - Outline

I have published in urban policy (urban regeneration), community development, the social determination of health and health inequalities, regional economic policy in the UK (particularly Scotland) and on the role of language/discourse in processes of social change. My approach to research is collaborative and inter/transdisciplinary, and generally takes an historical approach to social phenomena.

Target Collaborative Organisations (National, International, up to 3).

Belmont Forum;

Horizon 20202;

Glasgow Centre for Population Health;

NHS Health Scotland; 


Current research activities.

My recent research has focussed principally on health and health inequalities, with a particular focus on the phenomenon of 'excess mortality' in contemporary Scotland and Glasgow, and the role of public policy at various scales - particularly the 'regional' and urban scales - in its causation.

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