Research areas

  • Q Science (General) - physical sciences, multidisciplinary
  • QD Chemistry - environmental, , green, inorganic, nuclear, analytical, industrial
  • QE Geology - geochemistry, mineralogy
  • G Geography (General) - urban, planning, environmental management
  • GE Environmental Sciences - soil quality, aquatic chemistry, air pollution, ecosystem impacts, sustainablity, impact assessment
  • GB Physical geography - landscape, resources

Area of research expertise - Outline

I am an environmental geochemist, applying an “earth-systems” approach to research which covers the transport/behaviour of pollutants in the environment (air quality, land degradation and remediation, and aquatic biogeochemistry), evaluating their impact on ecosystems and for human health.

These have links to policy and knowledge transfer activities which have been focused on the role and evolution of environmental management tools, issues of regulation and sustainability, and in the development of innovative R&D support mechanisms for SMEs and large industrial operations across industrial sectors.

I undertook PhD and postdoc research on actinide geochemistry associated with nuclear waste processing facilities, developing analytical tools and applying them to study environmental transport proceses. Subsequently my research has applied these principles in studies of waste impacts and management systems, resource recovery and exposure assessment. Fundamentally focused on understanding behaviour of potentially harmful elements and compounds in urban and rural environments in both terrestrial and aquatic systems.

Peer Reviewer:

Current research activities.

anti-microbial resistance in the environment - collaborative contribution providing environmental (chemical) quality and feedback on environmental microbiology.

impact of resource exploitation on the environment - management and mitigation of effects of resource recovery (metal mining, e-wastes and shale gas exploitation) in particular on direct human exposure and compromised food chain (UK, EU and Asia).

sustainable urban ecosystems - impact of urbanisation on urban environment - degraded environmental quality from contaminated land, air and water, human exposure and risk assessment.

Desired research direction.

interdisciplinary groups to address global challenges in human behaviour sorrounding resource exploitation;

food and climate security and mitigation strategies;

understanding human environmental risk and resilience to system uncertainty;

Target Collaborative Organisations (National, International, up to 3).

world bank



Target Collaborative Companies (National, International, up to 3).



Rio Tinto

Other areas of Expertise available for knowledge exchange.

I am a strong believer in collaborative solutions to research and enterprise activity and many of the projects I have completed or are ongoing have/are being worked on as part of an interdisciplinary network/team. This includes within the physical and natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. I relish the challenges of sharing knowledge across disciplines and learning from other perspectives and cultures. I can provide support and advice to other groups and where my subject discipline fits, contribute to addressing these societal challenges.


  1. Scottish Contaminated Land Forum 8th Annual Conference

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  2. ReCreew 4th Meeting Workshop

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