Ahmed joined the University of The West of Scotland as a Lecturer in Accounting in March 2017. He graduated from Mansoura University, with a BSc degree in Accounting (with First Class Honours). He holds an MSc in Accounting from Mansoura University and has completed his PhD in Accounting from the University of Huddersfield with a particular focus on Risk Disclosures, Multi-Level Governance, Credit Ratings, and Bank Performance. Ahmed has presented his works at a number of national and international academic conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Ahmed’s research interests are in the areas of Narrative Disclosure, Risk Governance, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Social and Environmental Accounting, Earnings Management, and Corporate Governance Mechanisms. 

Area of research expertise - Outline

Accounting and Governance (Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance)

Accountability and Ethics (Corporate Social Responsibility – Social and Environmental Accounting)

Earnings Management

Market-Based Accounting Research

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